Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two Months

Stats: At his two month check-up, Cale weighed 10 pounds 2 ounces and was 22 inches long! We feel like our lil' guy is getting so big; however, he was in the 18th percentile on the growth charts. The nurse referred to him as being 'small framed.'

Sizes: He is wearing Size 1 diapers. Most of his clothes are now 0-3 month---in fact, I've had to put away some of his 'newborn' sized clothing. Sadface :( He seemed to outgrow his footed pajamas first, but now there are some onesies that don't fit him. Sigh.

Food: He is still taking seven bottles per day--4 ounces each.

Routine:  Not much has changed about his routine.

                  6am Bottle
                  9am Bottle
                  12pm Bottle
                  3pm Bottle
                  6pm Bottle
                  8:30pm Bath Time
                  9pm Night Bottle
                  2am Bottle

One night recently he slept from 9pm-3:30am! His little body is starting to get the hang of sleeping consistently during the night. He is almost like a little alarm clock. He does real well with this regimented schedule, and it doesn't really bind us to the house. He can eat and nap on-the-go real well! He seems to be a cat-napper, with his most consistent nap time during the late afternoon hours. The pediatrician was amazed at his 'awake time!' He stays up from 9am-1pm usually without a wink of sleep!

Developmental Milestones:  He is focusing SO good right now! I love catching him studying my face ;) He has also discovered (and is mesmerised) by the television, I caught Alan and Cale watching racing one morning. Also, just this last week, he reached out and grabbed something intentionally for the first time! We left him in the care of his Noni (Alan's mom) for several hours to attend a funeral on Saturday and he did it TWICE for her! He is also starting to smile and 'talk' more. I love sitting around with him during his alert times having conversation :)

Loves: He continues to love ceiling fans and lights, also looking outdoors. He still LOVES his 'gym time' and bath time.  Alan took him to his first Chili Bowl Nationals, so I'm pretty sure he loves sprint car racing now :) We took him to the Chili Bowl Jr to watch his 'Uncle' Raymond race his remote control sprint car.



Ashley said...

He is soooo cute!! Love that last pic with Elf!

Val said...

He is so freakin' cute.


Jaimie said...

He's so damn CUTE!!!

Holly said...

Cale is a doll! I love his JD boots... Hope things are adjusting well for you guys! :)

♥Jess said...

Awe, Lindzi Cale is SO cute! He looks more and more like his Momma everyday! :) Getting so big. His schedule seems niiiice. Not too bad! :)

LovN the updates. :)

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