Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Roller Over-er

It's official! As of yesterday, Tuesday, morning Cale ROLLED OVER! We knew he was right on the verge, and just as I figured, he waited until I was at work to show off his new skill to his Daddy for the first time. Figures! I was so happy and proud that Alan was with him to witness that first roll :)

He is precious and MOBILE!

The entire rest of the day my little brain was busy thinking (and agonizing!) over everything we would soon be child-proofing in our house. This mama's heart is not ready for all of this.

These moments are so very bittersweet for me! Of course we want more children, but not knowing what God's plans are for our family, I'm always worried that this is the only time I'll get to experience these 'firsts.' I cherish each one so much! He grows and changes daily before our eyes. On the sweeter side of things, watching him grow and learn makes my heart swell with pride over his accomplishments.

Now if I could just freeze time for a while in this stage, I'll stop complaining about how fast he's growing! Is there some sort of mom secret to make that happen?



♥Jess said...

I've been missing out on SO much! Wow, Cale is 5 MONTHS! Where has time gone? Cale is SOOOO stinkn' cute!!!

I'll have to play catch up!

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