Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Eight Months

My sweet, sweet little baby boy turned 8 MONTHS old on July 18th (obviously, I'm behind on blogging.....again.)

I'm loving these dog days of summer, lounging around and hanging out under our ceiling fans as a family. I'd appreciate some cooler weather though, so we can enjoy some outside activity---we pretty much get none these days.

Cale is becoming more and more active, so we have lots of playtime during the day.

Just a few notes about the 8th month:
  • According to my parents scale, he weighed 20 pounds and 2 ounces. We go back to the doctor for a well-child check on August 21st.
  • Cale doesn't crawl quite yet, but he is a boy on the move! He will scoot and roll his way all around a room. Nothing is safe anymore. I caught him the other day with a drawer on the entertainment center wide open. Time to start preparing the house for my little mover.
  • He is soooooo observant. That's almost an understatement. Seriously. Any time we walk into a new place he looks the place over from top to bottom! I think he gets that from his Poppie.
  • He says "dadadadada" often when he's jabbering, but he only cries out "mamamamama" when he's really upset. Figures, huh?!
  • Someone (not throwing out any names, Noni!) taught him how to shake his head 'no!' It's really quite funny!
  • He LOVES LOVES LOVES to swim. We went to the pool last week, and it was still too stinking hot, even in the water, for him to be out during the day. I put him in the sink lots during our days together just so he can play.
  • He is a happy, happy, happy boy! He is constantly flirting and smiling at strangers.
  • He has two bottom teeth that he LOVES to show off.
  • He is such a good eater! He has been eating three meals of real food per day, and practicing with his own spoon some too!
  • He now sleeps through the night (8pm-7am).
  • I know it's easy to brag on my precious baby boy, but he seriously is the BEST baby! We know we are blessed! ;)



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