Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One Year Old

I'm a little lot behind on blogging, and believe me, I've heard about it subtly from my dear sweet husband. I totally missed an 11-month post, so just know that Cale turned 11-months old......aaaaaaand then, ONE YEAR OLD.

Between pregnancy hormones and experiencing my sweet baby turning one year old, I had a very emotional time with it. I literally practiced singing "Happy Birthday" to Cale for an entire week before his birthday and party just so I wouldn't be an emotional headcase at his party. I succeed! My practice paid off :) I know this one year post isn't about me, but I am so incredibly blessed to be living this life. I've always wanted to be a wife and a mother, and I still can't believe at the way I've been blessed---it's so much more than I deserve.

Cale is the joy of my heart!

He is eating like a champ! He loves food :) We've recently introduced a plate to his mealtime, and he's doing pretty good with it. He loves to be independent and feed himself--no utensils yet, though.  He'll eat just about anything, minus a thick juicy steak. Donuts might just be his current favorite breakfast food, generally reserved for a Saturday morning breakfast. He snacks on Veggie Straws, goldfish, and yogurt. Lunch and dinner, he'll eat nearly anything that we do.

He still takes a bottle first thing in the morning and right before bed---I'm documenting this because it's pretty darn funny. He's been using a cup for over a month now, and he'll drink anything from the cup during the daytime ONLY. Milk included. If you try to offer him milk in his favortie cup either first thing in the morning or right before bedtime, he turns into a total diva and refuses to drink it. Crying. Sobbing. Fit. It kinda cracks me up.

He uses many words, of course not all of them make sense to most of us :) He's quite a chatter box. He uses recognizable words like: mama, dada, baby, hi, bye, lights, eyes, Bebebe (Bentley), cat (which is crazy because no one in our family has a cat OR has really worked with him on that word), etc.

We are working on his ability to make an "O-U" with his arms---he's got the "O" down, so we're working on the "U." Proud moment for this mom!

When asked who's #1, he can hold his sweet little finger up (#1!)

He doesn't walk on his own. He walks along the furniture and behind his toys, and he's a fast little nugget on his knees. He climbs the stairs in about 7 seconds flat---much to my surprise. I left him quietly playing with a toy in the living room to run outside on the back porch and hollar something up to Alan who was on our roof. When I returned he was no where to be found downstairs, Surely enough I found him upstairs on his way to his room---obvi he needed something from his room. I had a small momma heart attack at the realization that he could do this so quickly now.

He is a GREAT independent player. He loves his toys and will sit in the floor and happily play with them for a good amount of time.

He is seriously the joy of my heart!



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