Friday, August 13, 2010


I feel blessed beyond belief at the moment :) 

I have the most amazing family in the whole wide world.

First of all, my mother-in-law showed up at our house on Wednesday morning out of the blue with a "pick me up" and encouraging gift for me.  A SPA GIFT CARD to use over the next six months when I'm feeling down and out. Little did she know that I'd had a rough, tearful 24's amazing how God puts these situations in your life.  Its SO encouraging to know that I have so many people who love and support me---just for being me! Amazing and humbling. 

And second of all, when I got home from work tonight I found my big pretty mirror FINALLY hanging in my entryway after living in our house for nearly a year.  My father-in-law had come over to check on my little Bentley boy during the day, so while he was here he put himself to work! :)  He will never know how happy that makes me that he went out of his way to serve us like that.  My husband is a hard-working, busy man, so he doesnt always have time to devote to those things. And Lord knows, Im not skillful with the tools.  I can say thank you to him, but I dont think it begins to serve my emotions justice.

When I think about each of those stories and the love that was exemplified, I think about how much God loves us! :)  Those two really touched my heart this week, and reminded me that God brought me to this point in my life---and I know His plans are BIG and GREAT for us!  Not only did it remind me of God's faithful love to His children, but it also encouraged me to be that light in someone else's life. I hope that this weekend and the following week, I can exemplify that kind of love to someone who needs it!



Beau and Jill said...

Aww! I love my Mom and Dad :)

The Nolen's said...

You pay it forward way more than you know! thank you Lindsi!

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