Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Dog, the Murderer

My big sweet fuzzy boy is a murderer :(

Don't let that sweet look of innocence fool you.

As I was washing dishes tonight, I noticed him doing this "pacing the floor" routine behind me.  I caught a glimpse of something out the side of his mouth, so I simply asked Alan to deal with it.  As Alan called Bentley over to him, he noticed the two little bird claw feet sticking out the side of Bentleys mouth.  Bentley was NOT giving up this bird without a fight. He would not "drop it" like he always does on command with other things. As Alan had his hands trying to pry Bentleys mouth open, Bentley took one large gulp and the bird was gone.  I sure hope my little boy doesnt get sick :(

Then, as if we weren't traumatized enough as parents, Alan went to the backyard to check things out--you know, just to confirm there wasnt some birds nest on the ground, right?  Well, upon exiting the house, in his immediate view on the back porch was a squirrel laying belly-up with all four paws in the air.  Good grief!

I can no longer look at his precious little face the same.
Somewhere along this path, we've lead him astray as parents......
You think you've given your kid everything they could want in life, then they go and kill something.



Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You are a WINNER.....

Send you information to me at annah99@aol.con

So glad that you won...


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