Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall, Fall, Fall, Fall, CHRISTMAS

If you've not gathered that I was slightly crazy off by this point, I'm fixin' to help you along with that discovery. I'm a planner by nature (like OCD organization freak)---to make my point clear, use this example: I spent an hour on Monday afternoon ironing clothes for my husband and I that I knew we would need NEXT in 9 more days :)  I like to "use my time wisely," I believe I got quarterly A's in that subject during kindergarten.  I figured I had some down-time in my schedule on Monday, so I looked ahead at the calendar to see how I could help myself out in the near future. Ironing these clothes was my solution. Get my point? Im clearly nuts?! :)  This part of me has grown since marrying my sweet little husband. That man likes to fly by the seat of his pants, which is part of why I love him so.  Because I know that I cannot plan any sort of structured day when he is off work and at home, I utilize my time away from him, so that I can enjoy his random, spur of the moment activities. :) this point, I might have some of you fooled into thinkin' that I'm a genius, ha! 

Anyhow, I said all that to get me to this point......

Yes, those are Christmas presents. :) Purchased, wrapped, tagged, and ready to be put under my Christmas tree! Eat your hearts out, folks!



Jenny said...

Wow Lindsi!! I wish I had this kind of motivation. You are my inspiration.

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