Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Speaking of Fall

Who's excited to break out their fall fashions from last year? ....and buy a few new things for this season? ;)

I'm have a teenager-like obsession over my "boots with da furrrr."

They are sitting in my closet SCREAMING out at me to put them on my little feet!

The shorter pair of boots are Jessica Simpson, and I bought them the weekend of my Bachelorette Party in 2008---looooouuurrrrve them!  I totally rocked them at my Bachelorette Party, by the way! I spent the entire night waiting and waiting and waiting on them to play "Boots with the Fur," so I could get my groove on with my boots and apple-bottom jeans! Haha, the things we think are cool, right?!

The taller pair were an after-Christmas purchase last year--I was returning something to Sun and Ski Sports when my eyes fell. in. love. with these precious things.  Just to add to my elation on that day, these boots are a children's size, so I saved myself $25!  I've got no shame in my little feet!

Im just waiting on the perfect occasion to break these bad boys out!



Heather said...

I'm so ready to pull out my fall stuff!! Those boots look super comfy!

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