Thursday, September 30, 2010


I came across a very moving anti-abortion video on a fellow bloggers site, which lead me to find the video below.  It's too powerful NOT to share.  My stomach is CHURNING at the moment. :( I like to live in my own little sheltered world sometimes, where I think everything is perfect. I'm somewhat upset at myself at the moment for being so naive when it comes to these HUGE issues. I had NO earthly idea that these sort of abortions took place in our country. Wow.  Please take the time to watch the video--it makes my heart hurt.

This video ISN'T graphic, but it will open your eyes to a medical practice that happens everyday in our country.  Although I believe in protecting my heart and mind, I am glad I sat through this heart-wrenching story. I hope you don't mind me being too political on my blog, but I stand very firmly on the subject and this video validated my thoughts and feelings even more.  Thanks for taking time to watch!



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