Saturday, October 2, 2010

Birthday Boy

Today, my baby boy turns THREE! :)
We are such sappy parents, we've been reminiscing over the last three years as a family all week.
He has brought a sense of FAMILY to our household, as well as a lot of joy!

We love to watch him play. He is such a people person dog--he has recently made friends with the little girl that lives in the house behind us. I've spent many a nice evening lately watching them play together through the fence. He will sit at the fence and stare at her back door until she comes out to play. I love that he is so friendly to everyone!

He loves to swim, boat, and camp! We enjoy these activities as a family during the summer months. It makes me so happy to watch my boys be boys together.  Even though our lake days are over for the summer, Bentley is still enjoying his pool in the backyard.

He is also my favorite cuddler in the world! He's real good at being the "little spoon" when were laying in bed cuddling.  Every evening I look forward to family couch time, just because he will crawl up in my lap and watch TV with me.

I adore my big puppy dog, and I can't wait until he has a little brother or little sister to protect, love, and play with! :)

Happy THIRD Birthday, Bentley Stewart Hancock!



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