Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 10

Once again, I'm linking up over at Katie's Journey in the 30-Day Blog Challenge. We're not even half-way through, so link up and enjoy the fun!


We all have those fears about "real-life" situations that can paralyze us at the very thought of them---you know, those things that can creep into your mind and haunt you all day long.  I'm determined NOT to focus on them today, because we serve a GOD who is bigger than that.  I'm fairly certain positive that He is bigger than these listed things too, but as a source of entertainment for Him, he put them in my life :)

The DREADED Ferris Wheel (aka: The Wheel of Death)
There is nothing fun about going REAL high up in the sky, REAL slowly--especially in something that leaves you exposed to the great outdoors and shakes.

Don't let the cute face fool you. I know these silly things wait in my trees and flower beds to attack me and infest me with rabies as I'm walking to the mailbox.
Rogue Waves. I didn't even know what a rogue wave was until a few months ago when my boss was joking about one. You Tube this phenom--creepy. I proposed that our group of friends rotate through a 24-hour "watch" during our February 2011 cruise to protect ourselves :)



Molly said...

Oh my word! I CANNOT STAND ferris wheels either, NO THANK YOU! Can you imagine the paralyzing fear I felt when my husband took our 2 year old daughter on it with him, I almost threw up! AHH!

I have never heard of a rogue wave either, I'm totally you-tubing it as we speak! We love to go on cruises, so I MUST know about this!


Kit said...

Oh my rogue waves...that is to scary!

ty said...

Ummm just YouTube's rogue waves. Add that to my list too.

Katie K. said...

Rogue Waves have been added to my list for sure now! Scary!

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