Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 11

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Let me preface this post by warning you, I know I have a TRASHY taste in television. I'm hopelessly addicted to reality television. I know I'm not the only one out there--Im just willing to fess up :)
Those featured below are just a few of my fav's......

The Bachelor
not a Jake fan. especially not a Vienna fan.
Bleh!  Poopy season.

The Bachelorette.
Ali eventually got on my nerves, but I'm happy for her and Roberto.  You have no heart if Chris didn't hit your soft spot this last season. Love him!

The Biggest Loser
Deathly afraid of Jillian, but would take Bob to be my personal trainer any day of the week. I can't watch an episode of this without shedding some tears.

Jersey Shore
I don't know if there are words to be said about this.....
On a recent girls trip, we sang "T-Shirt Time" on multiple occasions.

Teen Mom
Love me some Maci and Katelynn.....wanna punch me some Amber in the face. It totally disgusts me how she speaks in front of her daughter, yet I continue to watch this show.

.....and a few "not trashy" shows that I watch each week........

Alan and I started watching this together from very early on in our dating days. House's character is amazing!

my FAVORITE new show this season

Paula Deen
How could you not love this woman?!



ty said...

I cry at Biggest Loser EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch it.

Amanda Moury said...

I LOVE Paula! What a sweetheart she is! :)

Molly said...

LOVE Jersey Shore and Teen Mom, seriously!

Kit said...

I cry during every episode of The Biggest Loser...I love that show!

Caroline said...

Love your blog. I'm your newest follower. And I love your choices. Can't wait for the Jersey Shore finale tonight.

Ashley said...

Hey I just found your blog from Katies Journey. I am your newest follower!
I look forward to learning more about you!!

Katie K. said...

I for sure watch all of your reality shows on your list...but I do not think I will be tuning in to the upcoming season of The Bachelor. I am so upset about their pick!

R said...

Oh I want to head to Mass and mend Chris' heart after the Ali season!

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