Saturday, October 23, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 13

It's DAY THIRTEEN (my lucky number) of the 30-Day Blog Challenge. It's never too late to join in the fun--link up over at Katie's Journey.

Day 13, GOALS

For some reason, I'm more intimidated by this blog entry than I was to participate in the "beliefs" entry several days ago.  It was easy for me to jot down everything that I stand for in my life, but I realize that by putting my goals in writing I'm going to be commited to them---because I know y'all, my dear blog friends, will keep me accountable?! That's what blogging friends are for, right? :) Here goes nothing.....

Short-Term Goals
-Lose 10 pounds by February
(I've lost 20 since May, 10 more to go!)
-Put $100 in the offering plate at church "just because"
-Finish Christmas shopping by December
(I've already got myself a good start!)
-Paint our master bathroom
-Sew buttons back on my husbands shorts
(He asked me to do this awhile ago--bad wife!)
-Finish planning our "Girls Retreat" with my girlfriends :)

Long Term Goals
-Add to our little family
-Be responsible for leading someone to the Lord
-Take a vacation to Disney World
-Mission Trip

My brain is mush today, so I know I'm leaving off plenty of important things. I just can't think anymore today--my mind is programmed only to think about college football on Saturdays :)  My Oklahoma Sooners have a BIG game today in Missouri. Happy Saturday and Boomer Sooner!



Livin' our Love Story said...

I love it! I'm dying to go on a mission trip! THe school I work at, the pastor left for Rwanda, Africa yesterday! WHat an amazing experience that would be. I read you about me, and we sure do have a lot in common :)

Livin' our Love Story said...

and PS. I just saw "your story" and said a little prayer for ya! I am getting tested for PSOC next week :/ Its al part of Gods plan!

Kit said...

Two of out long term goals are the same...go to Disney World and go on a mission trip.

ty said...

OMG, I'd love to have a girls trip, even if it was just something small.

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