Sunday, October 24, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 14

Welcome to Day 14 of our 30-Day Blog Challenge! Jump in and join the fun over at Katie's Journey.

Day 14, A Picture You Love

Surely y'all won't mind that I have several pictures that I love :)
Seriously, how is a girl suppose to choose just one?!
This was one of our engagement pictures, Summer 2008.
I love this man! :)
This was taken as we were leaving our reception.
Obviously I completely forgot my "going away" outfit.
Alan's looking all casual, and I'm still keeping it classy in my dress.
It's just a fun picture with all the sparklers!
I'm heading down the aisle to my handsome groom.
That is my sweet, sweet great-grandma waving at me :)
She went Home in April 2009--5 months after this was taken.
Standing two people behind her is my Gramps (far left).
He went Home in April 2010.
I still miss them daily.
(I held my flowers up that high the WHOLE wedding! Haha. I guess that's what nerves can do, and no one corrected me. They are up by my face in all my pictures! Oops.)
This is my sweet, sweet Granny with us.
I believe this was taken at Christmas time in 2007.

This was taken in May 2005 before a concert.
I love little us :)
These were such sweet, precious days!

......and, I almost forgot these few. I had to come back and "edit" this post to include them.  Please tell me that all of your husband's and father-in-law's took some of their clothing off at your receptions?! :)  This is why I love my family!  As you can tell, it was near the end of the night (by the emptiness in the background), and I'm sad so many people missed out on this.



Kit said...

I love the pictures! I think that I held my flowers high all day at my wedding as well. I get my pictures back tomorrow so I guess I will see then!

Al said...

You are absolutely adorable!! I just stopped by from Katie's Journey, and I spent the last 20 minutes reading through your posts - you have such a sweet attitude, and a genuine light about you! Looking forward to getting to know more about you :)

Lindsay Thomas said...

Love the pictures! I wanted to do sparklers as we left the church, but that was shot down before I finished saying the word sparkler. :) It sure is beautiful!

Ashley said...

Great pictures!! I snooped your blog and found pictures of Bentley and he is soo sweet! Very similar color as my Lily! and Lily is turning 3 in January! I love goldens too!

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ jess said...

These are SO good! I love little y'all too!

Happy Sunday!

Jessie, Jason & Kinley said...

I love your pictures! It looks like you had a wonderful and fun wedding day! Still after 3.5 years I spend lots of time looking at my wedding pictures and laughing at all the memories!

Caroline said...

Love the pics! Those are funny pics of your wedding! :)

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