Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 16

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When it comes to my dream house, I'm a pretty simple gal. I'd like a family friendly home on some land with a wrap-around porch and big red barn.  I'm not particular about the layout of the home, as long as we have a big, inviting, cozy family living space and kitchen area.  We'll have to have enough bedrooms for all our precious babies, a beautiful master bedroom and bathroom, a scrap/crafting room, and a man cave to keep my sweet lil' husband happy. I'll need a place outside for a vegetable garden, a camp fire, and some room to ride our 4-wheelers. We'll need space in the barn to store the 4-wheelers, boat, and camper. :)

These are some pictures of some wishful thinkin'........

I love everything about this first house. I'm really diggin' the gray color with the black shutters--and of course, the RED door! :)  The screened-in sitting porch is a total bonus! Love, love, love this house! Can't you just see my handome man and our children playing on the porch, I'm in the kitchen making the sweet tea :)
And, if we lived here, you can bet your bottom that ALL of our family Christmas pictures would be taken on those front steps. I can close my eyes and imagine the pitter patter of little feet chasing each other across the wood floors and up the stairs.  I can see those little feet getting bigger, throwing school books down and taking muddy shoes off to come into the kitchen after school to eat some fresh-baked cookies. If I had that life, I would NEVER leave this house.

This house has the gray and black thing goin' on again. It's a little more "fancy" than the first house, but if someone gave me this house I wouldn't complain :) It's beautiful, and the front porch is so inviting.

And, last but not least, this little gem.  The detailed work on the front porch railing is stunning! I also love the way this house appears to sit up off the ground.  Couldn't you just see all of our pretty white Christmas lights on this house--snow on the ground---the smell of baked goods in my kitchen---hot apple cider----our evergreen Christmas tree---and soothing Christmas tunes playing??  Ahhh, that would be the life!

In a far off dreamland, I'd even like to have some animals--cows and chickens to be particular.
As much as I like to wear my apron in the kitchen, I'm going to need a home that I won't be out of place in a camo and ballcap get-up. 

No matter where life takes us in the future, I want to have the home that our children enjoying hanging out at with their friends. I want to have an inviting home where our friends and family can congregate for holidays. I'm confident that in a 500 square foot apartment or 3000 square foot house, our love would create our home!

This is our current home--where we plan to raise our children. It could very easily transform in to most of what I desire in a dream house, minus the land, barn, and animals. Now that I'm looking at it in perspective, I could see the gray paint with black shutters and screened in porch on the back of the house. I'm missing my wrap-around porch, but there are several options to create one in the front of the house.



Ashley said...

Love your choices!! Your current house has GREAT curb appeal!! I would LOVE to be a farm one day too!

Caroline said...

Oh I love this style of houses! Beautiful!

Kit said...

Great choices!

ty said...

I LOVE the big porches. LOVE THEM.

B said...

Well it sounds like we'd be quite happy in the same setting :) Love all your pics!

Tasha said...

I love your dream homes....so cute!!! Your blog is adorable. I love the Miranda Lambert song "Only Prettier" too. I am actually going to her concert this Saturday and I can't wait!


Tasha said...

It is a small world! I am about 10 minutes from the track and we always go to the race! I can't wait for the concert! I just had my appendix removed so I am hoping that I feel a lot better by Saturday! Thanks for following me!

Molly said...

Love the homes that you chose! They're all gorgeous!!

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