Sunday, October 31, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 20

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Lins: Just short for Lindsi. Nothing fancy behind the meaning of this one. I just have a few family members and friends that call me by "Lins"

Smalls: I acquired this one playing softball as a youngster, which lead to my AOL Screen Name--Smalls34.  I know y'all remember the grueling decision of creating your screen name, haha!  This one came from the movie Sandlot (aka, "You're killing me, Smalls!")  Remember from the movie that "Smalls" was the new, kinda dumb, naive kid that didn't know anything about street smarts. Um, yeah, that'd be me :)

Head: This is what Alan called me during our dating years.  "Good night, Head."  "How was your day, Head?"  Sounds strange, huh? Well, upon questioning him about his choice of pet name for his darling girlfriend (at the time) he informed me that it was short for "Neat Head!"

Wife: Now that we're married folk, I have progressed to Wife. "Good night, Wife."  "How was your day, Wife?"  The word wife has become a proper noun in our home. Occasionally he still breaks out the good 'ol "Head" term of endearment, though, but for the most part I'm known as "Wife."

Some of you other girls in relationships can relate, but isn't it weird to hear your significant other call you by your real name?!  Alan never hardly calls me "Lindsi" anymore, unless were somewhere in a super public, business-like place.


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