Friday, October 29, 2010

Quick Prayer Request

Good morning, ladies! I have a quick prayer request to ask of y'all.  Alan and I have our day off together today, and naturally we had it jammed packed with things to do (mostly fun stuff!)  Anyhow, Alan just called to tell me they were taking his Papa to the hospital by ambulance. They were out playing golf this morning and Papa passed out on three different occasions. Just say a quick prayer for him today!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my post earlier post today, Im looking forward to getting caught up on y'all's 30-Day Blog Challenge posts from today. Happy Friday, friends!!



Amanda Moury said...

I will most definitely pray for him, I have a papa too. Hope everything is ok, I'm praying!

Tasha said...

Will say a prayer!

Hey! I gave you an award and tagged some questions for you! Come to my blog and check it out :)

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