Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who Would've Thought that 8+8=16?!

Just wanted to give y'all a glimpse into the never-ending comical side of our life.....

....Let me set the stage for you. We were out running errands the other day and decided to stop in Old Navy to check for any end-of-summer bargains on shorts. They were having a fantastic "$16 Sale" celebrating their 16th anniversary. I was so excited that they had their Old Navy fleece pants and pull-overs on sale, and I was even MORE excited when my darling husband told me to pick out a couple pairs of the fleece pants. After trying on a certain style of pant, I found my size and went back to the shelves to pick out another color. This is the conversation that ensued between the two of us......

Wife: "What other color of pants should I get?"

Husband: "How about a pink pair?"

Wife: "No, that pink pair are a different style, so they're not included in this 2 for $16 sale."

Husband: "How much are the pink pair?"

Wife: "$8 each."

I'll let you do the math.  After my husband explained simple arthimatic to me, I was completely pumped that I could get the PINK pair :)  Thank God I had him there. In fact, thank God he's there for me all the time! I wish I had an excuse for being so silly, but I don't. That's why I love me! :)



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