Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Teach Me How to Boogie

Is it cool that I was singing "Teach Me How to Boogie" as the lyrics to the following song.....? :)

All it took was a few hours with some high school students on Saturday night to make me realize that I was clearly in the wrong with this assumption.  I'm going to continue to live in my naive world and not even question what a "dougie" is, it's probably best that way.  I'm working on my "dougie" skills, thanks to these fun kids and some YouTube videos.

I just wanna keep on being cool--that's why I spend time learning these things.  I'm just keepin' it real, y'all.



Molly said...

You're clearly MUCH cooler than me girl, I've never even HEARD this song, ha! I would probably stay naive and not want to know what a 'Dougie' is either!

Ashley said...

I have never heard it either and the link will not play it anymore, so God only knows was Dougie means!! hahaha!

P.s. I have my first give away happening right now on my blog!

SayRah said...

Bhahaha. Keepin' it real, that's the thing ya know ;)

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