Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Celebration, Part Five

Ok, ok....I realize that I have posted several things in the same day, but with 2011 looming at our doors I needed to feel like I had put the holidays behind me. Hence, THREE posts in one day :) Thanks for hanging around and reading everything. 

Our fifth and final stop for Christmas 2010 was my paternal grandparents house guessed it.....more gift opening and another meal!  I'm so grateful that my family likes to give and eat! :)  We had a blessed time with all of our family during the holidays. I realized that I didn't get many pictures of myself during the holidays, but I'm the crazy picture taker lady now with my new camera and all :)

This family warms my heart :)

I hope those of you staying up late tonight to ring in the new year will be safe!  We will be tucked away in bed.  From our home to yours, Happy New Year :)



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