Thursday, January 20, 2011

Epic Fail

The Good: Being at the local mall spending your money
The Bad: Being so oblivious to your surroundings that you fall into the mall water fountain while texting.
The Ugly: Having the video leak onto YouTube and receiving 2 million + hits!

I just saw this video and had to share!
Keeping with the theme of the day, she made my "Good, Bad, and Ugly" list :)



Neely said...

Oh gosh

Caroline said...

Oh my goodness. How does that happen???

Molly said...

LOL! I could see myself doing that, HA!

Hope you're having a better day today friend!


Rebekah said...

Ha, oh my goodness! How in the world does one do that??

Crown'd Vic said...

Oh I saw this!
And then I heard she's Suing the mall for making her look like an idiot.
well, who's the idiot who was texting and didn't see the giant fountain?!

People can be silly :)

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