Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Funday

Greetings, friends! Sorry I've been MIA this week--I've had a busy week at work, and I've not felt like I had too much to say.  I'm pretty much a single woman for the week because the 25th Annual Chili Bowl Nationals are going on in Tulsa. My husband LIVES there for the entire week. Not really, but he makes it home super late every night.  Usually I attend with my own group (since I'm not included in his), but we didn't renew our tickets this year. Boo. At the time it sounded like a great idea to save some money, but I've been wallowing in jealousy all week since I don't have those tickets.  They are extremely hard to come by, and I've been stalking CraigsList all week for something face value. Doesn't exist. I'll be there tomorrow, but I wanted to be there all the nights. Enough pity party!

Since I'm single for the evening, my girlfriend and I decided to go see the late (9:40pm--gulp!) showing of Little Fockers. I'm super excited to go see a movie, we never go.  It feels weird to be getting ready to leave the house this late. Man, I'm getting old. HA!  Two fist pumps for girls night at the movies, though!



Neely said...

Have a fabulous girls night!

April Rowell said...

I feel your "single lady" pain. I also fee like a single parent :) I think Phoebe forgot what her daddy looks like. :-]

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