Monday, April 18, 2011

Not Enough Hours in the Day

I've been sitting in my office all afternoon staring off into oblivion trying to keep my little squinty eyes open.  We had a wonderful, but super busy, weekend.  I couldn't find time to sleep--so I think I'll catch up tonight with a 7pm bedtime!

I worked just shy of 60-hours last week, stayed up until midnight on Friday preparing for a wedding shower on Saturday, spent most of Saturday continuing to prepare for the wedding shower, hosted a wedding shower with TONS of people, stayed up until 1am cleaning my house post shower invasion, woke up early for church on Sunday, entertained (or just sit and visited with) my mom, grandma, and nieces Sunday afternoon, played two softball games on Sunday night, and finally found myself nestled in my bed at midnight. Phew!

So, whenever I'm finally recovered from my busy bee weekend I'll update you with pictures and what not. 

Hope y'all had wonderful weekends too!



Neely said...

Hope you get some rest!

Kelsey Claire said...

Yikes! You have been busy! Rest up!

Amber said...

You definitely deserve a 7pm bedtime tonight!

The Nolen's said...

rest rest rest little missy. :)

Caroline said...

Take some time to relax. You deserve it!

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