Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Post for Tricia

Remember that one time that I blogged? Like a million days ago?!

My dear friend, Tricia, who never EVER comments on any of my posts, but apparently stalks my blog, scolded me this weekend for not blogging more often. So, sorry! Ha! 

Honestly, I just had a busy week last week. I should've posted an Easter post, but I was a bad picture-taker on Easter :( I hate writing a post with no pictures (like today), so I used that as an excuse.

I'll leave you with this for today.......

Early last week while at work I received a phone call from my more-than-darling husband. He had just called to confirm that he didn't have any plans for Saturday night, because he "kinda took a new job."  Nothing he does or says really surprises me anymore, so I wasn't phased at his new committment, although I still didn't know what it was at this point.  He went on to inform me that he'd committed to being on the "Chain Gang" for all the Tulsa Eagles home football games this season. {Ok, at this point, I'm interested in what he's saying.....I have never, ever heard of the Tulsa Eagles "football team" despite living here my entire life.} Apparently, as the story goes, the Tulsa Eagles would be Tulsa's new NFL (full pad, full tackle) Women's Football Team. Seriously?! Yes. I'll tell you that I took a group of friends to the game on Saturday night to support our favorite member of the chain gang, and I will probably never go back to a game. It was pitiful. Not even funny to watch.

I took plenty of pictures of that event, so I'll post later in the week so you can experience the same misery I did. :)



The Nolen's said...

pi-ti-ful.... but we had fun chit-chatting! :) felt like we were at a high school football game again. not pay attention to the game whatsoever.

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