Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Big 'Ol Update

 I have no excuse for my lack of presence on the 'ol blog lately. My husband scolded me last night, stating how is he "suppose to keep up with our life if I am not blogging about it." Ha! So, here I am with one big 'ol update.

Last weekend (well, two weekends ago now) Bentley had a five night sleep over with his Aunt Hershey.  We definitely just enjoyed the 'dog days of summer!'

This past weekend we ventured to Denton, Texas to visit The Davis family! We had a wonderful weekend hanging out with family and playing with the sweetest little nephew in the world.  We ate dinner at a YUMMY restaurant, Chef Point, in Watauga, did plenty of relaxing around the house, and played outside in the backyard. Tyce's Daddy and Uncle constructed a fun little 'water park' for him!

We celebrated Father's Day with both of our families--lunch with Alan's family at my FAVORITE restaurant, ShoGun, and dinner with my family at my parents. I didn't break out my camera until late in the day :( Fail.  Here are a few of the pictures I got:

And, somehow in the busy-ness of the last two weeks, I've managed to sprout a little baby bump! We're definitely in an over-night growth spurt :) Grow, Baby, Grow!

Girl?! Boy?! What's your opinions and/or thoughts? We find out what our blessing is in a mere 14 days! :) I feel like I'm filling-out all over my belly, thighs, and hips (if that helps your opinion at all).



Mateya said...

Oh you look great! :) I say girl!

Melissa Jo said...

What sweet dog photos, they are too cute!

Neely said...

Love your cute little bump!

Katy said...

What a cute bump, dress, and family!
Newer follower here!

Anonymous said...

Lindsi, you look so adorable!! Your bump is so cute :-) So happy....
<3 Reese's Gannie

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