Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How Great is our God

Sunday morning my soul was tremendously blessed by the worship and lesson at church. The following phrase was mentioned during the sermon:

"Before you lay your treasures at His feet, you'll have to lay your trials down first."

It struck home with me, as I reflected back to our infertility journey. It was a lesson that I'd learned first-hand, and I found myself being able to GRATEFULLY lay those treasures down at His feet.  I had this silly image of God in my head at that moment: basking in all His glory, chest sticking out with pride, knowing that He'd given one of his children the deepest desires of her little heart.  Don't you think this is how our Father feels when His children learn to trust him, allowing Him to share His perfect plans?! I think so ;)

We sang this song during our worship time on Sunday morning, and I've been singing it ever since (of course, shedding a few tears each time!)



Rebekah said...

That song moves me to tears!

Anonymous said...

I love that song! It's sooo awesome when the message from worship and your mind just click instanly!

Leah said...

Beautiful Post.

Allison said...

I LOVE that song, it's one of my absolute favorites

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