Wednesday, July 20, 2011

19 Weeks

How Far Along:  19 Weeks

Size of the Baby:  Heirloom Tomato (8 ounces, 6 inches)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +10 (YIKES! Where did that come from?!)

Maternity Clothes:  As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, NONE of my jeans or work pants were fitting comfortably anymore. Not having any experience in shopping for maternity clothes, I took myself to a nearby consignment store with a claimed maternity section in search of a good deal.  I LOVE MATERNITY (elastic band) JEANS! :) Seriously, every girl should own some---pregnant or not.  They are like a little gift from God.  I spent $50 and got (2) pairs of Motherhood Maternity jeans, (1) Motherhood Maternity dress, and (3) cute shirts. Steal! ;)

Gender: Handsome BOY! Cale Michael Hancock

Movement:  I'm not entirely 100% convinced that I've felt Cale move. There has been 3-4 times when I'm laying in bed at night and I *think* I've felt him move.  I'm ready--bring on the baby kicks!

Sleep:  I've been sleeping great, minus my insanely bad dreams. I will have nights that I will have 2-3 very detailed dreams that will wake me up from my sleep.  Mainly I dream about my sweet little husband cheating, or nearly cheating, or being really mean to me. From the research that I've done, having these dreams about your spouse during pregnancy is completely normal. It shows that your concerned with the changing relationship with your spouse that a child brings.  Well, normal or not normal, I HATE these dreams. I woke up last Sunday morning in tears about one of those stupid dreams, it put me in a funk for the entire morning.

What I Miss:  Nothing compared to carrying this little life inside me :)

Cravings:  None really. I'm still on the "meat is yucky" kick, though.

Symptoms:  Growing belly! .....and very achy hips and lower back. I went shopping with my Mom and Grandma last weekend, and I was on my feet for four hours walking around. I was absolutely pathetic the rest of the day.  Seriously, if I wasn't still 100-degrees in the late evenings, this little body could greatly benefit from some walking.

Best Moment This Week:  Nothing pivoting with Cale this week, but it did warm my heart to see his Daddy reading his "Pregnancy for Dad's-to-Be" book. I have not known this man to EVER read a book for pleasure outside of school or firefighter books. Makes my heart smile!

We had this conversation over the phone this week:

Lindsi: Hello?!

Alan: Hey, are you about done with work for the day?

Lindsi: Actually I'm wrapping things up now. I might be another 15 minutes or so.

Alan: Cool. Do you want to go register?

Lindsi: Really?!

Alan: Yeah. Why not? I'll meet you at Buy Buy Baby.

Two hours later, we walked out of the store with 109 items scanned to our registry (note: I scanned ONE of those items.)  It made me so proud, blessed, and happy to watch Cale's Daddy inspect every single car seat and stroller to make sure whatever he was getting for his son was the best and safest option! I have loved watching Alan fall into this Daddy role so lovingly and naturally. I am truly a blessed girl :)




Anonymous said...

You look sooo cute! be sure to enter my giveaway to win a monogrammed bib for that sweet baby growing in your belly!

Neely said...

You look great!

Jessica @ Stilettos & a fishing pole said...

OMG!!!! Where have I been? This is AMAZING! Congratulations to you and Alan. I am overwhelmed with happiness right now. I can't believe I've missed so much.

Wow! Yaaay for being pregnant! I'm gonna go back and catch up now. I'll be stalking your blog for the next couple hours.

SOOOOOOOO happy for you two!

Living Our Love Song said...

ohh my goodness you are so cute!

Mateya said...

So cute! Love that your hubby is so excited!

Paige said...

Congrats!! You look VERY adorable! I think all of your preggo bloggers are having boys =) So fun!!

A Wedding Story said...

You look great! Trust me, when you feel him kick you will know! I used to call my OB's office and panic to them about feeling movement. I think they kind of think I'm nuts but they said you will know when you feel them. Now, my sweet girl kicks me like crazy! All the time! It will happen :)

Caroline said...

I love it! And love your top!

Holly said...

You look great! I think we're due about the same time! Yay for December babies!

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