Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blonde Ambition

This is sort of a little tattle on myself.

About a month ago, the sweet hubs and I decided that it was time to upgrade our phones.  We carried around the less-than-ideal Palm Pre's for two years too long (another story in itself). Since we are Sprint customers, we decided to go with the HTC EVO's, which opened up a whole new world of technology and app's to us--ie: Words with Friends, HeyTell, Shazam, Out of Milk, Myxer, etc. You catch my drift.  We were technology losers before.

Immersed in this whole new world of cell phone greatness, we have become fascinated with our games. As in, we laid in bed one evening until 11pm not speaking to each other, but rather, playing Words with Friends against each other.  Since Alan was more of a veteran than I (he had a whole 48 hours more experience than I did), I turned to him for game advice and 'how-to's.' 

Me: "How do you put a letter back down at the bottom if you decide you don't want to use it?"

Alan: "You should have a button at the bottom that says 'recall.' "

Me: "Ummmmm, I don't see that on my screen. But, I have one that says 're-sign.' "

Alan: (Obvious look of complete confusion) "Cover your letters and let me see your phone."

Me: (Obliged)

Alan: (Laughing hysterically, nearly crying) "Wife, that says 'resign,' like you want to quit the game."

Me: "Ohhhh, that makes more sense. I thought it was 're-sign,' like you want to 're-sign' that letter to another spot or location."

Alan: "Uhhh, yeah. That would make total sense if the actual word were 'reassign.' "

Me: "Whaterrrrr."

I never claimed to be a genious. That's just a typical day when you're married to me :)



Caroline said...

I do stuff like that all of the time. I used to just blame blonde moments, but now we can blame pregnancy brain too!

Janna said...

covering your letters made me laugh! I couldn't get mine to work a few weeks ago and B told me to cover the letters!

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