Thursday, August 18, 2011

23 Weeks

First of all, how did this happen?! This whole pregnancy has been so surreal to me honestly. It's like I'm living in a dream :) (Granted, it's a wonderful dream where you waddle when you walk and your hips hurt most of the time)  God willing, we will be holding this sweet little miracle in our arms in the next 13-15 weeks. Whaaaaaat?!

How far Along: 23 WEEKS

Size of the Baby: Large Mango (11 Inches,  >1 Pound)

Total Weight Gain: +12 Pounds

Maternity Clothes:  I <3 Elastic Waistbands

Gender: Handsome BOY, Cale Michael :)

Movement: Cale has been on the move during the daytime this week.  I knew as he was getting bigger I'd start to feel him more during the days, I think that time has come.  During my work day on Monday I was fully convinced that he was practicing some gymnastics in there!  As my doctor said yesterday, "baby will be most active when he has the most groceries!"

Sleep: It's been excellent, except for the couple time a week that I battle leg cramps.

What I Miss: Nothing!

Cravings: Milk. Is it wrong that I consumed approximately 1500 calories of 2% milk while sitting at my desk on Tuesday?! :) (I'm sure the Taco Bell that I had for lunch didn't put me over my caloric intake for the day **chirp, chirp**)

Symptoms:  Growing belly, shallowing belly button :), leg cramps, "pooling" blood in my right foot (that's a symptom, right?!), and a pretty glow!

Best Moment this Week:  Getting to take a sneak peek at Cale while making an unexpected doctor's visit. He was just as cute as I remembered from a couple weeks ago!  Also, I've got TWO showers officially on the calendar, with one still pending. Yaaaaaaay for baby showers! Showers in general are fun for me, but baby stuff is SO much better to look at than random housewares.

I think it's safe to say that this will probably be my last time wearing my non-maternity sparkly blue tank top---it was definitely evident to me after seeing this pictures that this shirt should be retired for awhile :)



Lea Liz said...

You look great mama!!
Glad everything was okay at the dr with your foot, scary!! I get leg cramps at night so bad!! I did with brody and they have already started this time!

Paige said...

You look adorable!! I am so glad that everything was okay at your appt! But yay for getting to see Cale unexpectedly, while we were having our u/s the other day the tech never even tried to show us the baby! We were both saying how much of a tease it was that she was looking but wouldn't show us!
I had bad leg cramps around 23 weeks too. "Charlie horses" are horrible!

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