Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Unexpected Doctor Trip

Last night I went to bed at a normal time, normal fashion, and feeling normal. I even managed to snap a quick picture of the 'ol belly for 'documenting' purposes.
I know, I know....that's a pretty hot, bra-less little momma before bed. Ha! ;) Excuse the goofy facial expression.

It was a very eventful sleep-time full of leg cramps and pains for me. I remember waking up (in that semi-conscious state) when Alan kissed me goodbye this morning and thinking, "Wow, my left leg is really sore."

When I finally got out of bed I limped around for awhile trying to loosen up those sore, tight calf muscles. It was approximately 30-45 minutes later when I finally realized that my foot was real sore. 

That's what I found.....a large bruised, swollen area on the inside of my right foot, quite painful with flexion and touch (Ignore the scab near my heal, that would be a new pair of flat's gone bad)  I did what any concerned girl would do: took cell phone pictures and called my mom.  My mom reminded me that I did have a clotting disorder in which I was taking anticoagulants for AND it would probably be in my best interest to run this by my doctor.

Of course the office staff wanted me to come in for a quick visit to get checked out.
It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Basically, he said this was a byproduct of my blood being 'too thin.' So, no Lovenox shots in the belly for me! I'm only taking an Aspirin once every other day now.  The pressure that the baby puts on my lower extremities (because I carry him so low in my pelvic cavity) is mostly responsible for the night-time cramps and the 'leaking' of blood from the arteries in my legs. Gravity was/is causing the blood to pool in my foot. Logical, right? I'm on a lower dose of medication now, with the instructions to keep my feet UP!

If I'm on my feet too long OR have them dangling from sitting in a chair, my right foot starts to throb. I think this will force me to follow the doctor's directions!  Medical people make the worst patients! Ha!

This might be something that will go away AND it might be something I have to tolerate the remainder of this pregnancy. Only time will tell.

Also, for any of you girls out there that deal with pregnant night-time leg cramps, my doctor suggested downing some Gatorade right before bed to give your body a little extra boost during the night.  He said it's perfectly ok to limit your fluid intake prior to bed---we all know how many times it's possible to get up during the night to pee. Sleep is just as important for the pregnant body. Gatorade should be able to carry your body through the night!

We got to take a sneak peek at Cale while at the doctor! ;) He was all curled up, resting away peacefully. Everything looked great with him!



allie-mac-fallie said...

glad you are doing better and everything is okay! :)

Rebekah said...

Oh goodness! I'm glad it wasn't anything terribly serious!

Lindsey said...

Ouch! Although you scared me a minute...with an "unexpected doctor appt." Hope it doesn't last through the remainder of your pregnancy but praying for strength either way! Take care and listen to your doctors!!!

Caroline said...

Oh my! So glad it wasn't anything too serious. And this is good for me to know since I have that clotting disorder too. Praying for you, girl.

CHH said...

I'm so glad that you're feeling better.

Just make sure you brush your teeth after drinking that gatorade. My FIL kept it on his
bedside for awhile to hydrate and he ended up
with 6 or 7 cavities.

Take care.



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