Thursday, September 15, 2011

27 Weeks

How Far Along: 27 Weeks
Last Week in the 2nd Trimester

Total Weight Gain: +19 Pounds

Movement: Cale has been a man-on-the-go lately. I'm still loving every second of it!  I confessed to Alan this week that sometimes I feel guilty that I get to have all this fun with Cale while he doesn't get to experience it (at least not the way I do).  He was so sweet in his response when he said "that's just something extra special that comes with being a Mommy!"

Sleep:  I've spent the majority of the past week off work, and I notice a HUGE difference in my sleep patterns when it's my "light" week at work. During my loooooong stretch of five 12-hour days, I never feel like I get good sleep. You'd think being plum exhausted at the end of those days, my body would just crash?! Wrong. It's weird.  Anyhow, I slept amazingly, soundly, and comfortably next to a handsome man all my days off work.  My body needed that! No cramps, no restless legs, no sleeplessness, PRAISE JESUS!

Best Moment this Week:  For starters, I got the GREATEST surprise from Alan on Friday afternoon :) We hadn't purchased a crib just yet because we'd been back-and-forth on what we liked, and I was getting to the point where I just wanted to order one without being too particular.  We opened the garage door on Friday to a giant UPS truck in our driveway with a special delivery---Alan had ordered the crib as a surprise for me! I cried :) Happy tears!  Yesterday, we had a GREAT doctor's appointment. My swelling was pretty much gone, like all the way gone :)  We got some sweet, sweet pictures of Cale's little face AND we found out that he is almost a whole POUND above normal for his gestinational age (2 pounds, 9 ounces). Our doctor referred to him as a "show off!" Ha! (He gets that from his Daddy!)  We feel so blessed by his growing progress---we hope he keeps up this pace!  We know they are planning on taking him a few weeks early to prevent my body from laboring (thus, keeping me and Cale safe!), so the bigger he is--the BETTER!  Grow baby, grow!!



Rebekah said...

How sweet that he ordered it for you! LOVE your baby bump. Girl, you look awesome! I can't believe it's your last week in the 2nd trimester.

Allison said...

He is going to be soooo precious, I can already tell. You are seriously one of the cutest pregnant woman I have seen. :)

That's soooo sweet of your hubby for surprising you

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