Monday, September 19, 2011

Helplessly Romantic Heart needs Help

Hmmm, what to say about my weekend...?! I worked.
(Only THREE more of these working weekends before Cale's arrival!)

On Friday, I took a half-day vacation to pamper myself before a date night with the handsome husband!  He had surprised me several months ago with tickets to Alan Jackson at the BOK Center, and Friday was the night.  We hadn't been out on a "date," like a real date by ourselves in....oh, forever.  Alan Jackson was good---but, the night was spoiled by several things. It certainly didn't fulfill the desire in my heart to be swooned over during a date (sorry, Love!). It was one of those nights where nothing seemed to go right.  It was rainy weather, we got a late start on our evening (thanks citizens of Tulsa for calling 911 and keeping husband at the fire station longer!), the rain forced me to run several hundred (slight exaggeration) yards to the building, I couldn't catch my breath for an hour (slight exaggeration), I had two stinky bathroom experiences at the BOK center (like the person in the stall next to me forced me to gag myself with toilet paper while trying to pee), I fought indigestion the entire evening, and we sat next to some unthoughtful concert-goers who blocked my view of the stage for 70% of the concert while talking screaming at each other over the music making it impossible to enjoy a song. I had visions of a perfect, fun evening---taking a few pictures of our pretty/handsome dressed-up selves, eating a nicer meal before the concert, having a handsome boy dote on me all night.  None of those things happened, and it was nothing either of us did (or didn't do!) It was just one of those nights when nothing could go right. Looking back, I guess you just kinda have to giggle about it.  It just left me with the desire to get all gussied up again, go out on another real date, and see Alan Jackson again.

I spent the rest of the weekend in my office.....watching football, duh! ;)

Proud of my SOONERS for an outstanding performance this weekend! So proud that I'm now trying to rationalize taking a 'vacation' with my husband and our nearly two-month-old to the BCS National Championship game in New Orleans in January. Ha! Who am I kidding?!



Rebekah said...

We've had weekends like that before. We can look back at it now and laugh but in the moment, it wasn't fun! Dylan was going CRAZY over that game. When it was over, he said he could breathe again. :)

Caroline said...

Aww sorry your evening didn't go as planned.

Fash Boulevard said...

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