Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Concert

My mom took my two oldest nieces to their very first concert last night---Taylor Swift. I saw her last time she passed through town, but I was still a tad bit jealous of their evening adventures!  I provided hair artistry (ha!) and photography prior to the start of their night out on the town.

Several weeks ago, Mom took the girls to pick out new outfits specifically for this evening, so hype had been building up for a while.

There is just something about Taylor Swift that makes me channel my young, innocent, head-over-heels in love, high school inner self :) Love her.

I checked in with my mom this morning, who was rather tired from her late evening, but she said the girls had a GREAT time! :)

Just wanted to share the pictures of these two beautiful growing girls.



Allison said...

Oh I'm so jealous!!!!!!!!!! Ryan and I went to see Taylor Swift 1.5 years ago. I seriously LOVED her. It was one of my favorite concerts, she is one of my go-to's to get in a happy place :) LOL

So glad they had such a good time

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