Thursday, November 3, 2011

34 Weeks, Wordy Update

How Far Along: 34 Weeks

Size of Baby: 5 Pounds, 14 Ounces
by ultrasound on Wednesday

Lots of new things have happened since my last post......for starters, I turned another year older. Yikes! Yesterday was my birthday. It was quite a bittersweet day for me honestly. We had a doctor's appointment scheduled, and Alan had plans to take off to Texas Motor Speedway for Nascar for the entire weekend afterwards. I'd been having frequent headaches the last several days---nothing migraine-ish or nothing that scared me, just plain 'ol headaches. At my appointment the nurse discovered an elevated blood pressure (130/90), which cause them some alarm. My blood pressure had been steady as can be allllll pregnancy (116/70's).  The blood pressure change, along with the swelling in my feet and legs, made them leary. I got sent home with orders to 'take it easy' and monitor my blood pressure and headaches. So, with doctor's orders I took my blood pressure again before bed.....150/100. This caused me some HUGE anxiety---more so because I thought I was going to have to have a baby while my husband was 4 hours away. Our doctor was very frank with us during the appointment about the risks associated with my symptoms, stating that if they got out of control he had no choice but deliver Cale for the safety of both of us.

I returned to the doctor's office this morning for a check-up, and my blood pressure was 'down' to 146/92. I got put on bed rest and a new medication (Aldomet).  Cale looked fantastic, plenty of fluid and no distress!  Our doctor is hoping to "buy us another week" with this treatment plan.  Say a little prayer for us :)

The whiny, pregnant part of me REALLLLLLLLY wants my husband here.  Now that I know it's our last week "alone," I'm really craving some time with him. Plus, I could use his support, encouragement, cuddles, and massages during this time.  I have some awesome family members that are helping me out plenty in the meantime, though!  Got my mom helping me with the grocery store. Got my Aunt and Grandma doing some house cleaning for me. Got girlfriends bringing over dinner and a movie tomorrow night :) It makes me feel blessed.

This obviously isn't how I pictured the remainder of pregnancy going down, but I know that God is in control.  I like to be an over-achiever a lot of the time, so I've been a bit frustrated the last 24-hours. Cale is great, but my body isn't cooperating with his growing demands.  It frustrates me that I cant just do something to make it better on my part.  While you're praying for all the medical things, pray for me too--just for peace and acceptance of this situation.

Grow, Cale, grow! :)



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