Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo :)

Some, very few, of you might remember THIS post concerning the events of last year's Cinco de Mayo. (In fact, as I was searching for the post, I realized I missed my "Blog Birthday" in April--poooey!)  After re-reading it, I realized I totally beat-around-the-bush in describing the events leading to my injury. So, it's Cinco de Mayo story telling time :)

Last year the weather was beautiful, so Alan and I decided to invite a couple buddies to a mid-week, Cinco de Mayo lake trip. We were as excited as little kids on Christmas morning to put our boat on the water for the first time during "boating season."  Keep in mind, when I say the weather was beautiful, it means the weather was 80ish here in Oklahoma, but the water was still faaaahhhhhreezing.

We soaked up some glorious, warm sunshine and drank some glorious, cold adult beverages in honor of the Mexican's and Cinco de Mayo!

Anyhow, we all know that when you drink, you pee. Well, fearful that I might suffer some sort of hypothermia from the cold water exposure, I decided it was in my best interest to dip my bottom-er parts into the water to pee (rather than submerging myself).  Lo and behold, I got in an all-out fist fight with the ladder of the boat. It won. By ripping an entire toenail off. :(   When I screamed "I think I lost a toenail," the boys laughed. It wasn't until I pulled my bloody foot out of the water did they realize the severity of my injury. Then, the continued to laugh. Boys!

So, in the middle of the lake, I had to rely on my superior paramedic first aide skills so that I could save my own life.....obviously those boys weren't taking the boat ashore for me to find a band-aide. 

So today, in honor of the events of last year, I will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo by painting ALL TEN of my toenails!

(Note: Some of this story might have been dramatized)

Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends!



Jacqueline @ JaxandMarbles said...

I found your blog and Im your newest follower! (Get excited!!!) :)


Caroline said...

Oh no!!! Try not to hurt yourself this year!! :)

Neely said...

LMAO you tell a great story.

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